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If you’re an existing DMP customer you’ll find common help and support queries here. If you’re a new customer we’d recommend visiting our DMP product page.

If you are in the early stages of your DMP we would expect that your creditors may still be in contact with you.  This is part of the normal process while we are setting up the plan.

Please ensure that you have checked and approved your financial statement as your creditors may be waiting on this information to help set up the plan.

The creditor also has an obligation to send statements and some key messages directly.  You can forward any letters on to us using our freepost envelopes or take a picture of any letters you receive and email them into us at We will then note any correspondence received on your plan and take any necessary action.

A Debt Management Plan is a non-contractual arrangement between you, Harrington Brooks and your creditors.

When you started your DMP you would have provided us with a letter of authority (LOA), this is then sent to your creditors to advise that we are acting on your behalf.  Sometimes there can be a delay in the creditors receiving and processing this.

If you do receive contact about this, from your creditors, please give them our information and ask that they contact us:

Harrington Brooks
Jackson House
Sibson Rd
M33 7RR

If this still persists then please contact us.

A default notice is an official notification regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which states that you have defaulted on the original contractual arrangement with that creditor.

As you are now on a Debt Management Plan, and will be making lower payments to your creditors, the original contractual agreement will be broken and therefore the creditor has an obligation to issue a default notice.

We are unable to get a default stopped or removed from a customer’s credit report.

We have a team of experienced advisors that can help you with this. It is important that you notify us as soon as possible.

Open Door Legal
One Advice Group
Jackson House
Sibson Road
M33 7RR

03301 020 220

This may be part of the creditor’s collection process. Please send in a copy of the letter so that we can take action and advise accordingly.

If you’ve received paperwork regarding court action please get in touch or send this in to us. As a Harrington Brooks customer you get access to legal help through OpenDoor who can advise on such matters. We suggest for security and tracking purposes that you send any legal documents to us via recorded delivery at our office address:

Open Door Legal
One Advice Group
Jackson House
Sibson Road
M33 7RR

If you receive contact from a company you do not recognise it may be that they have taken over one of the creditors on your DMP.

Debts can be transferred more than once to different companies.

To enable us to update your DMP we require the company name and any new reference numbers. Once we have this information we will send the creditor a copy of your LOA and work to set up an arrangement with them.

Yes. If at any point you are able to make an additional payment into your plan please contact us.  If you are in a position to increase your payments on a regular basis we can conduct a review to ensure this is affordable.

You can also make extra payments via the online portal. This would however need to be more than, or equal to, your current payment amount.

The arrangements we set up with creditors differ. Some creditors only set up short term arrangements for three months at a time, whereas most set the plans for six or 12 months. If you receive a letter stating an arrangement has come to an end please call and we will be able to get in touch with your creditors and renew the arrangements.

If you want to make any amendments to your plan please phone us or drop us an e-mail at

It is important to make regular, affordable payments into the plan to maintain arrangements with your creditors. If you are struggling to make payments please contact us so we can re-assess your circumstances and make sure the solution you’re on is right for you.

If you want to set up a regular payment method please contact us.

You may be able to see this detail when logging in to the ‘My Online Account’ portal. Alternatively please contact us and we can give you details of how long is left on your plan.

Harrington Brooks have a team of skilled advisors who can negotiate final settlements for customers. Please get in touch to discuss.

It’s really important that we hold correct information about you. This includes up to date reference and address details to ensure creditors can locate your account. If your details change please get in touch with us or update your details on the ‘My Online Account’ portal.

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