Harrington Brooks Helps Local Community Projects

Harrington Brooks recycled computer kits help loads of local community projects.

Recently Harrington Brooks had the opportunity to donate some of its IT kit and PCs to local charities and other good causes. Keen to recycle and reuse kit to benefit the great work that’s going on locally in Manchester, we spoke to our community partners and were really pleased with the response.

As a result, over 85 computer ‘kits’ have been distributed to schools, colleges, young adult and early learners, budding coders, vulnerable adults, refugee centres, heroes from our armed forces and local employment and enterprise initiatives.

We’ll be visiting some of the initiatives and centres shortly to see how our computers have settled in, so in the meantime here’s a quick round up of where the kit went to:

North West Code Club

Set up in 2012, Code Club joined up with registered charity Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2015. Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive piece of kit beginners can use to learn computer programming. As it’s so affordable, it means that coding really is an achievable goal for all children.

The donated computers will mean that more children can benefit from Code Club’s important work, getting to grips with coding languages like HTML, CSS and Python. These skills will mean that the children will be more employable in an ever more digital world, and that they’ll learn the value that coding can bring to their lives and others.

Highway Hope

Highway Hope is a social enterprise and registered charity aiming to support residents and provide training and learning opportunities. Based in Levenshulme, they are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a safe space to go. They provide particular support to refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and other local residents in need of food, shelter and education.

Our donated computers will help to equip Highway Hope’s IT suite, delivering vital technology training to its users. This means they can develop practical skills to make it easier for them to find work.

The Social Inclusion Network (CSIN)

The Social Inclusion Network aims to generate positive action and deliver training opportunities. These initiatives aim to reduce social inclusion for people who struggle to participate in society fully. Whether it’s due to disability, substance abuse or dependency, old age or poor education, the Social Inclusion Network is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities.

The computers we donated will be a valuable asset to their work in educating and training vulnerable people. They will also be an important community resource, enabling users to have access to the internet and to new prospects.

St Michael’s Parish Community Hall

Serving the area of Northern Moor, St Michael’s Community Hall provides a centre for the whole neighbourhood to socialise, study and have fun together. It hosts a range of community events including fund raising activities, study groups, and craft projects.

Our donated computers will be used for St Michael’s Community Hall IT drop-in centre project. This is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of whether they already have prior IT skills or experience. The IT drop-in centre offers the opportunity to learn how to use computers, access the internet and develop skills.

The Factory Youth Zone

The Factory Youth Zone provides a place for young people with additional needs to meet together, have fun and learn. It offers a range of sport and creative activities, and with an aim to encourage young people to make constructive use of their leisure time, The Factory currently has nearly 1,000 visitors every week.

The donated computers will enable The Factory to deliver more support into work sessions to give more opportunities to disadvantaged young people. This will help improve their employability by giving them real-world skills and empowering them to aspire to do the best they can in life.

Manchester Airport Group, Community Relations Team

As a responsible business and as part of its Corporate and Social Responsibility commitments, Manchester Airport Group works closely with the local community to support a number of initiatives. It gives priority to those causes based closest to the Airport with the greatest social and economic needs. It also encourages its colleagues to participate directly in community initiatives and to share their skills with others.

The computers we donated will go to one of Manchester Airport Group’s community projects, ensuring that disadvantaged individuals in the area around the Airport have access to the internet and to new opportunities.

Walking with the Wounded

Walking with the Wounded is a charity that offers support for veterans looking to integrate back into society. It does this by offering career advice tailored to each veteran’s individual skillset and helps vulnerable veterans struggling with physical, mental or social disadvantages.

With the computers we donated to the charity, Walking With The Wounded will be able to assist more veterans into stable employment to ensure they can be financially independent. This means they’ll be able to more easily get the help they need to overcome any barriers into the civilian workplace.

Manchester Health Academy

Based in Wythenshawe, Manchester Health Academy is a secondary school working to be the school of choice at the heart of the community. It aims to ensure all pupils reach their full potential as learners and equips them with the practical and educational resources they need to succeed in the world after school.

The computers we donated will allow the Manchester Health Academy to replace some of its outdated machines, ensuring that more children are able to learn with the newest technology.

Grange School – Gorton

Grange School is based in Gorton and helps to provide the autism community of Manchester with an outstanding education service. It supports all pupils to ensure that they’re able to reach success to the best of their abilities, and that every individual’s needs are met and their talents are recognised.

The school will be able to use our donated computers to offer more support for its students gaining basic IT skills.

Button Lane Primary School

Button Lane Primary School is based in Wythenshawe, and has supported many of Harrington Brooks’ colleagues through their first few years of education.

The computers we donated will ensure that Button Lane Primary School can replace some of its old computers from its classrooms.

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG)

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group runs a digital inclusion project for the residents of Wythenshawe. This ensures that the whole community has access to IT equipment and has the skills they need to access the web for employment and other support services.

Thank You…

A big thank you also goes to BW3, Young Manchester and the Neighbourhood Team at Manchester City Council (MCC) who helped to connect these amazing causes with Harrington Brooks so that they could be considered for the recycled computer kit donations.

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