Harrington Brooks Senior External Relations Manager, joins MALG Midlands

We are pleased to share that Aggie Pacewicz, Senior External Relations Manager at Harrington Brooks,

has been accepted as the Treasurer for Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) Midlands. This is a great appointment for Aggie as it will help her to make a real difference to improve the lives of people in debt.

It’s also an achievement for the One Advice Group, as it demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers move towards a place of financial wellbeing.

What do MALG do?

MALG’s overall aim is to improve the lives of people struggling with problem debt. They do this in many ways – you can see some of them below.

  • They bring together all the ‘strands’ of the money advice and personal debt journey. This includes a vast list of stakeholders from financial education providers, academics and regulators to creditors, debt collectors and purchasers, and debt advisors. These ‘strands’ all work together across the UK to share best practice, insight and understanding in an open, non-judgemental forum.
  • They provide dedicated thought leadership, stewardship and support for members. This helps to increase professionalism and accelerate change in the debt sector.
  • They listen to and are receptive of ideas and challenges, and constantly encourage members to think ‘outside the box’.

What will Aggie be working on with MALG?

Aggie will meet with the other MALG Midlands members at least four times a year. Together they cover the area from Staffordshire and Lincolnshire in the north to Warwickshire in the south, from Worcestershire in the west to Northamptonshire in the east and anywhere else in between.

Aggie Pacewicz < Aggie Pacewicz added: “I’m so honoured to be a member of MALG. It’s a great visibility for the business and will help us work more closely with other advice providers and creditors. Having a collaborative approach will help us improve the lives of people in debt – and hopefully our customers. I also want to help improve the reputation of the industry.”

MALG Midlands cover a wide range of topics relating to the personal debt sector and the wider money advice sector. Here are just some of the topics that the group addressed in the last twelve months.

Reforms to welfare benefits Food banks, the link to money advice and experiences of customers FCA application experiences and challenges Vulnerable customers – identification and understanding Updates on changes to utility suppliers’ policies and procedures Brexit Loan sharks MALG Midlands prides itself on being an inclusive and innovative forum. They include a ‘What’s on Your Mind’ section to all their meetings. It provides an open floor for members to raise topics of interest and concern and engage creditors and advisers in discussion on a Chatham House rules basis.

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