Debt Advice Increase for Credit Crunched Brits

An increasing number of Brits are seeking debt advice, in order to help get their finances in check and ride out any adverse effects of the credit crunch.

Recent statistics reveal a 50% rise for those who are more likely to seek debt advice now than they were before the economic turn-down. If you feel as though you need to seek this credit crunch advice, you will be glad to know that help is at hand.

One Advice are a UK financial solutions company and we can offer you debt advice, no matter how many creditors or how large or small your debt level is. We can offer a number of debt solutions which you may find you benefit from, including:

  • Debt Management: Allowing you to make one single monthly payment to your unsecured debt. With a debt management plan, we will negotiate with your creditors so you only make the payment that you can afford to.
  • IVA: A formalised version of a debt management plan which is more suitable for those with larger levels of debt, typically over £12,000. As part of the IVA plan, any unpaid debt will be written off on completion of the IVA. Call our IVA advisors to see if you are eligable.
  • Bankruptcy: Should always be seen as a last resort when dealing with your debt problems. If you feel as though Bankruptcy is the only way out of debt then we can offer a personal Bankruptcy Service which will see you through each stage of the bankruptcy.