Customer case study - Barbara’s story

Barbara* called in to get debt advice from us and spoke to Specialist Support Advisor, Steve Wilding-Hewitt.

While Steve was going through Barbara’s income and expenditure, he identified that she had a pretty serious issue with her water supply. For the past seven years, Barbara had had no hot water. And, due to her financial situation, she couldn’t afford the repairs.

In fact, she’d only been able to have a wash by filling up a bucket with water from the kettle.

Steve spoke to Barbara’s water supplier and explained her situation, and how important it was for her to get the repairs completed. After providing relevant documentation, they were very understanding and agreed to do the repair work for her.

That meant that not only did Barbara get onto a debt solution that could help her debts become more manageable, she also managed to get a long-standing problem with her home sorted out for good.

Barbara said: “Steve stands out very much as he’s always ready to help, never lets you down and nothing is too much trouble. It’s very nice to have so many kind people like you, all helping people like me.” Steve Wilding-Hewitt < Steve Wilding-Hewitt said: “It was really rewarding being able to help Barbara get back on her feet financially, and to help sort out her home repairs. Having access to hot water is a basic human right and I was pleased to see I could make a real difference to the customer’s life. It was absolutely the right thing to do.” Steve, the advisor, works in the Harrington Brooks Specialist Support Unit, a team dedicated to helping those customers that need extra support or have vulnerabilities. Advisors on this team are trained to support a range of vulnerabilities and provide additional signposting.

*Customer name has been changed to protect identity

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