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  • IVA alternatives

    Before you agree to an IVA, it is essential that you consider all of the IVA alternatives. Even if you do not qualify for an IVA, there are alternatives which are designed to help you with your debt problems. To discover which of the following IVA alternatives is best for you, please contact a member… Continue reading..

  • What is Debt Help?

    The idea of getting debt help can seem very scary, especially if you know your finances are a bit of a mess and you are unsure about the true state of your how much debt you owe. If you feel as though you need to seek debt help, you may be wondering, ‘What is Debt… Continue reading..

  • What Debt Advice is Available?

    If you are wondering what debt advice is available, it is likely that you are currently struggling with your finances or you are on the verge of your debts becoming unaffordable. Harrington Brooks  have a debt advice team which aim to offer you the best ethical debt advice available. We will take full details of… Continue reading..

  • Credit Card Debt Management

    Credit cards can often be the reason why many people’s debt spirals out of control. According to Credit Action,  the average interest rate on credit card lending stood at 17.6%. But this is the average, and many people have credit cards with much a higher interest rate. Bearing high interest rates and potential missed credit… Continue reading..

  • Debt Reduction Services

    Struggling with debt can often be a distressing time, especially if you cannot afford to make ends meet and you are falling behind in payments to your unsecured debts. This will lead to additional charges and penalties being added to your debt, meaning that you will be seeing your debt level rise higher and higher…. Continue reading..

  • Debt Collector & Bailiff Harassment

    If you have had Debt Collectors coming to your door it can often be unnerving, especially if they are threatening and are demanding the immediate payment of your debt. Debt collectors are not bailiffs. This is important to remember as some companies can give you a false impression about who they are and will threaten… Continue reading..

  • IVA Pros and Cons

    Being made bankrupt or applying for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement has a tremendous impact on an individual’s personal finances. While there are advantages to each option, these should be entered into with as much knowledge as possible. Get professional debt advice from an organisation such as Harrington Brooks. There are other debt solutions such as… Continue reading..

  • Managing Mortgage Arrears

    How Mortgage Lenders Manage Mortgage Arrears There Are Set Rules Which Mortgage Lenders Must Adhere To When Dealing With Mortgage Arrears Mortgage lenders often manage mortgage arrears entirely in-house, or use a combination of in-house staff and external staff. There are only a very small amount of mortgage lenders who fully outsource their mortgage arrears… Continue reading..

  • The Affects of Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is a difficult experience for anyone to go through, but for some if us there is no other alternative. But what exactly are the effects of bankruptcy and how can you recover from it? Once you have been declared bankrupt, you will lose control of your assets, including your home. This is a serious… Continue reading..

  • Cancel Bankruptcy in Scotland

    Filing for bankruptcy is a huge decision to make. But what if you realise that you did not need to file for bankruptcy in the first place? Petitioning for a recall is a complicated procedure that requires a solicitor who specialises in insolvency matters. Here are some tips to cancel bankruptcy in Scotland. Getting started… Continue reading..

  • Digging Yourself out of Debt

    The savings rate is at the lowest its ever been, with many people struggling to make ends meet, let alone saving two or three months of wages as an emergency fund. Because of low savings, a minor financial change or setback could cause a consumer to spend unnecessary money and put themselves in more debt…. Continue reading..