I have recently taken up a new hobby. Once or twice a month I go to a local coffee shop and spoil myself with a latte and a nice slab of chocolate cake. It’s so relaxing to relax and watch the world go buy, especially when the sun is shining.

There’s just one problem, though. My new treats are expensive. Well, moderately expensive. In the time of the credit crunch and a reduced disposable income, I’m finding their purchase hard to justify to myself. But there are other things I spend more money on every week. Sometimes I spend even more on these items than on my coffee and cake. .

It’s surprising how we think we’re spending too much money on certain indulgences, but then we’re spending even more on other, smaller treats. And sometimes we buy these smaller items every day: lattes, sandwiches, magazines or bottles of Evian water. We don’t need them but we think we deserve a treat.

How’s this, though: target one item that you cannot live without. In my case, it’ll have to be my coffee shop treats. I’ll ditch those other items I buy every day and put the money towards my debt.

Could you do the same?