Even if you’re not paying top-dollar for a no-frills gym, you could still get sucked into paying over the odds for stuff while you work out. Our tips can save a pound in your wallet while you try to lose a pound or two.

Weighing machine

You’ve done a bucket load of cardio, swam for miles and just cycled to the moon and back. At some gyms you may have the option of using a digital weighing machine to see what weight you’ve lost or gained. These machines can cost anything from 20p upwards to use. 20p doesn’t sound like a lot, though after a few visits, it can soon add up. If you have a set of scales at home then save yourself some cash and use them. Even by saving around 20p you’ll cover the cost of charging a mobile phone for a year.


Vending machines in the gym can be a godsend when it comes to getting an energy drink or a bottle of water. The only problem is that in most cases, as with nearly all vending machines, you’ll be paying a little bit extra to buy something – be it a drink, an energy bar or anything else. Even fruit could potentially be overpriced. The simple advice is to plan ahead and take something with you. We strongly recommend the likes of Home Bargains, B&M and Aldi for energy drinks, bottled water and healthy snacks to get you through a workout.

Membership fees when you don’t go

Imagine giving money to someone for doing absolutely nothing. That’s precisely what happens when you sign up to the gym and don’t go. If you’ve signed up to a long term contract it can be hard to get out of. If you visit the gym on a regular basis then you’re getting the benefit of your membership. Make sure that you get something out of your membership – as you’re wasting your money if you don’t.

If you find time an issue, and can only go on sporadic days or dates, then consider using a pay as you go gym or one that offers flexible contract terms and pricing such as payasugym or fit4less.

Classes you don’t go to

Most gyms do include classes as part of the membership. If you have to pay for a class make sure you turn up, and don’t waste your hard earned money. Ask about the cancellation policy and procedure when signing up.

Bad personal trainers

Getting a personal trainer normally indicates that you mean business about getting fit, but make sure you’re not hiring a bad one. A good PT will ask about your diet as well as reviewing your fitness goals. So do your research and ask to speak to previous customers, look them up online and see if you can find recommendations.

Clothing and equipment

Some gyms, we’re thinking of Sports Direct venues here, also have an area where you can buy gym clothing and other equipment. As you’re a captive buyer, and the gyms will know this in the event you’ve forgotten a towel or your Speedos, they can keep the price higher than the normal RRP in a regular store. Even if you’re casually browsing it always makes sense to Google or compare the selling price before you buy.