A Debt Management Plan is a flexible, informal arrangement between you and your unsecured creditors where you agree to make a single reduced monthly payment towards your debts based on what is affordable to you after your income and other outgoings have been taken into account.

Your eligibility for a Debt Management Plan is dependant on a number of different circumstances, and the level of debt needed for a Debt Management Plan can differ. If you have unsecured debt levels over £12,000 you may find that an IVA is more suitable for your circumstances.

A Debt Management Plan is designed to make your debts more affordable to you on a monthly basis. We will negotiate with your creditors so you make the payments which are affordable to you. Some may agree to freeze interest or charges although this can not be guaranteed.

It is worth nothing that a Debt Management Plan offers you know no level of debt relief and you will have to repay all your debts in full. An IVA, on the other hand, allows you to only repay the debt that is affordable over a 60 month period; on completion of the IVA any unpaid debt will be written off.

The only way you can really see how you qualify for a Debt Management Plan is to get expert debt advice, and One Advice can help you with just that. Our specialist debt advisors will go through your individual circumstances and help you to find a debt solution which is perfect for you, for more information call now.