At what point did you realise you need to contact a professional to help you deal with your debt? It is possible to ignore debts for a short while; however, it is short-sighted to do so. There are many people who are battling with their finances; some might even be thinking of suicide to escape their financial woes.

Did you realise that you need to cut back on early morning espressos and satellite television early on, or was it a late revelation?

Easy credit has been a benefit to us, but it has also created a big problem: we have forgotten what it is like to save up money to buy a big item. Instead, we use credit cards, payday loans and any other form of credit to get what we want – now.

Are you like this, or are you more prudent? We would love to hear from you in the comments section. Let us know what changed your mind about credit. Have you burnt your fingers with a credit card or an unsecured loan? And we would be very interested to hear how long did it took you to find help from a professional organisation.