Now that times are financially harder, you might be thinking about selling some of your items to make ends meet. If you have a loft filled with retro toys, then you might be interested to know which Star Wars collectables are worth the most money:

1. Darth Vader with double-telescoping light sabre – £5,000+

You can’t get better than this 1978 Kenner figure. It’s one of the groundbreaking figures from the Kenner range: instead of the standard 12 inches these figurines were 3″ inches. The accessories included a light-sabre and a cape. The first issue had ‘double-telescoping’ with a two-part beam.

2. Vlix – £3,000

More than just a few spin-off television series capitalised on the success of Star Wars. One of the more memorable is the Droids cartoon. It followed the exploits of R2-D2 and C-3PO and the 1985 Glasslite figures were sold exclusively in Brazil. Vlix is an ugly and obscure character from the series but fetches substantial sums as a collector item.

3. Luke Skywalker with double-telescoping light sabre – £2,500+

This 1978 Kenner figure is from the same line as that of Darth Vadar, above. These figurines were circulated and today command a lower price because of that. They were issued in an ‘Early Bird’ mail-order pack. Chewbacca, Princess Leia and R2 D2 were some of the other figurines that were available. Only 15 examples for individual sale are known. There are other 1978 figures that are scarcer but the Luke Skywalker figure is a scarce vintage original that can not be easily be found in pristine condition.

4. Millennium Falcon – £2,000

It’s as much fun collecting characters from Star Wars as it is to collect kits. This is why the 23-inch 1979 Kenner version of Han Solo’s modified freighter is so popular. The Millennium Falcon is intended to be used with the 3 ¾ inch figures. It has a swivelling laser canon, retractable landing gear and a secret compartment with a false floor. There aren’t mint examples: the figure has too many parts that are easy to break. She ship also has a built-in gaming table.

5. X-Wing Fighter – £120

The first Star Wars Lego hit the market in 1999 and was an immediate hit. Not only with the regular Lego market, but also with Star Wars fans. This 2008 version is a 500-piece kit that is inspired by Luke Skywalker’s stay on planet Degobah for Jedi training. It’s one of the most popular pieces and includes the fighter, Yoda’s house as well as figures of Luke, Yoda and R2-D2.

6. R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid 84895 – £100

This 2006 24-inch Hasbro offering received rave online reviews. Some collectors prefer keeping figures in their boxes; however, this figure will see plenty of action outside the box. R2-D2 can dance, hide and seek, and can even obey up to 40 commands. Want to see his ‘mood indicator’ glow? Then ask him about Darth Vadar. He sings a celebration song when you ask about Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker or Han Solo.

7. Wicket W Warrick – £60

Wicket W Warrick is a 1985 Kenner figure from the Ewoks cartoon, which is another Star Wars spin-off series. This series is memorable for its protagonists’ high-pitched cries: ‘Beechawawa’. Those who like cute stuff should clamour to get one of these figures. Its value has been increasing but it is not as expensive as some of the other items on our list.

8. Princess Leia – £40

This is part of Hasbro’s 2003 Unleashed series. It is a 7-inch Princess Leia figure and she wears a golden slave bikini. The resemblance to Carrie Fisher is slight; however, the feedback online suggests fans do not mind and are willing to pay up to three times the original price for one of these figures.

9. SD Darth Vader – £6.99

The Japanese created a style of animation called ‘super deformed’: the heads of characters account for one third to half of their height. Darth Vader version SD is a Comic Images 7-inch character and is nearly sold out at most retailers, even though it was only released in 2007. Chewbacca is also available in this line and is 6 inches.

10. Chewbacca and Disassembled C-3PO – £3

The Galactic Heroes range has a few cheap and chunky 2-inch figures. Not everyone likes these characters, however: some say they look too stylised. Bad guys, supposedly, should not look cute. But eBay had immense success with these 2006 Hasbro figures and some of the prices are already rising.