With the credit crunch and debt worries pulling at our purse strings, it is no wonder that Brits will spend over a year of their lives search for the perfect bargain.

Research by T-Mobile reveals that 23% of Brits try to avoid debt by spending a whole week every year trying to bag a bargain, by researching a major purchase. Not only that but we will search far and wide to help to manage debt and save money, as a fifth of respondents have ordered goods from abroad to get them cheaper.

According to the research, British bargain hunters can be placed into 4 categories:
Serial Searchers: Will use every means necessary to get the item that they want at the right price. They will visit numerous shops and visit price comparison websites to ensure they get the best deal before purchasing.
eBay Addicts: Very Internet-savvy and enjoy the thrill of an online auction and winning their item through frantic last-minute bidding.
Regular Returner: Tend not to do enough preliminary work to find the best prices for their item, but will be more than happy to return their purchase if they find the item cheaper elsewhere.
Happy Hagglers: Love nothing more than getting the best price through hard negotiation.

Jon Cowan, Head of Propositions at T-Mobile, said: “We know how much time and energy people put in to trying to get great value, especially in these uncertain economic times.”