Our selection of podcasts relies much on the list of ten top personal finance podcasts JD Roth compiled.

1. Ask Brian Preston, the Money Guy, for advice on money that ranges from the most basic to a bit more complex.
2. We owe much to the Quick and Dirty Tips empire that started with Grammar Girl some years ago. And Money Girl, one of the most popular personal finance podcasts, now dishes out advice on money and personal finance.
3. I fell in love with MSN Money months ago but only recently discovered On The Money. They have fewer podcasts than other sites, but have a fabulous UK flavour.
4. The Dave Ramsey Show is one of the most authoritative podcasts out there. If you don’t mind paying a couple of dollars a month you can get the full show. But the free one hour long show is as good.
5. The Feed the Pig podcast teaches better household budgeting, how to fix bad credit scores and much more. It has been running since March 2007 and has already gained authority; JD Roth included it in his podcast roundup.
6. A new Kiplinger’s Personal Finance podcast is available every second Tuesday. The episodes are short – only around 3-5 minutes and the site features an extensive archive.
7. The Plain Talk on Investing podcast has a new episode once every two weeks and uses plain language to discuss personal finance.
8. Financial Aid Podcast was featured on Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs and has a wide audience: students who want to find out about scholarships, parents who need information on personal finance and financial aid professionals who get the latest industry news.
9. I am a bit biased towards The Economist, it’s true. But in a good way. Their personal finance podcast has discussions with experts and are just long enough to pique our interest.
10. Can the Financial Times do anything wrong? Matthew Vincent presents the weekly FT Money Show and discusses questions such as ‘Can it still be cheaper to buy than rent?’