The credit crunch may have bought us more supermarket deals, but experts are warning us to be careful what offers we take advantage of, or risk damaging our health.

The government-funded National Consumer Council (NCC) have slammed supermarket special offers and report that supermarkets have increased the number of promotions on unhealthy sugary and fatty food, which can contribute to a poor diet of many families. They believe that special offers directly influence eating habits, as families try to ease debt management worries by saving money.

In the NCC survey, more than 54% of the 4,300 promotions were related to foods which were high in fat and sugar, yet the Food Standards Agency (FSA) advise that these foods should make up just 7% of diets.

Lucy Yates, author of the report, commented: “With so many of us buying our foods at these supermarkets, their collective behaviour can heavily influence the nation’s eating habits. Despite their claims, the supermarkets all still have a long way to go to help customers choose and enjoy a healthy diet.”