Spring has finally sprung and now could be the best time to get your financial house in order. Here are some simple ways you could spring clean your finances, helping you to manage your debts more effectively:

  1. Make a change: Many of us keep loose change in a jar but why leave it there when you could be building interest on it? Although you may only think of it as a little bit of copper, you could be surprised at how quickly those 1 and 2ps add up.
    So empty your jar and deposit it into a high-interest savings or account or use that additional money to repay your debt quicker.
  2. Switch Your Supplier: One of the simplest ways to save yourself money over the year is to switch your utility supplier. There are a number of websites which allow you to compare your utility suppliers, and you could save yourself thousands of pounds a year.
  3. Get to know your finances: Nothing can be more confusing that having mounds of paper bills which are jumbled, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to get these in order and have a system.
    Online banking can make keeping on top of your finances simple, and you can transfer this information into a spreadsheet so you can see where you’re debts are and what areas you can cut back on your spending.
  4. Get help: If you have been ignoring your finances for a while, the idea of spring-cleaning your finances can be quite daunting especially if you have spent the last 12 months throwing away credit card bills, bank statements etc without even peeking inside the envelope.
    If your finances are getting out of control we can help. We can offer a full range of debt solutions so are confident that we can offer you the best professional debt advice so you can find a solution to suit your circumstances.