Men are more likely to spend it like Ian Beale, not Beckham, according to a survey by Scottish Widows which asked people to match their financial personality to soap characters and celebrities.

A fifth of UK men relate more to Eastenders character as they describe themselves as “tight” or “careful” with money. 17% of women identified with fellow soap character Honey Mitchell, saying that they are “always short of money”.

Credit crunch fears mean that people are tightening their purse strings, as just 6% of people said that they spend like David Beckham or Manolo Blahnik-aholic Carrie Bradshaw . The same percentage also likened themselves to debt troubled Eastender Peggy Mitchell.

Mike Hoban, customer and brand marketing director of Scottish Widows, comments:” It’s great that so many men see themselves as financially responsible but they have to make sure that what they are doing with any savings pays off in the long term. There’s no point in saving money now if they end up simply splashing it all at once in a few years time.”