As it’s National Bed Month (March 2018), it’s the perfect time to focus on getting a good night’s sleep. But what can you do if you can’t sleep because of debt worries?

If you’re more likely to lay awake counting your debts instead of counting sheep, it might be time to get help. We’ll explain what you can do to get back in control of your unsecured borrowing – and how you can seek advice.

What to do when you’re worrying and can’t sleep

You don’t need to feel alone if you’re struggling with debt worries. Research from Money Advice Service shows that one in six UK adults live with problem debt, showing it’s a common problem.

The figures also show that only one in five people with money worries seek help – so it’s no surprise if you’re one of them.

If you can’t sleep because of your debt, try to tackle this as soon as possible. By talking to your creditors and setting up an affordable payment plan, you can get back in control.

And if you’ve got damage on your credit score due to debt problems, focus on paying your bills on time now. Even if you’ve missed payments in the past, you can start to improve your score by getting things back on track.

You could also seek debt advice from a debt solution provider like Harrington Brooks. Established in 1998, we are one of the UK’s biggest debt and insolvency solutions providers. We help customers repay their unsecured debts through debt management plans (DMP) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA).

Don’t feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know how to speak to your creditors or deal with courts. We can help with debt problems.

Seeking help for debt

You might not feel comfortable speaking to your creditors yourself, or you might not even understand what options you have. Don’t worry – you can get debt advice to help you decide what’s best for your situation.

If you’re worried about money and you can’t sleep, you can get in touch with Harrington Brooks by calling 0800 048 1764. You can speak to an advisor confidentially and free of charge about a range of debt and personal insolvency solutions.

By speaking to us initially, you are under no obligation to use our services.

If you do choose one of our solutions, fees, terms and conditions will apply. There may be also be consequences including restrictions on your expenditure and on your ability to obtain future credit.

The services that we provide may be available at no cost from government and charity based providers. You can get further information at the Money Advice Service website.

If you’re not sleeping properly because of debt worries, this can lead to bad financial decisions. Find out more about why this is and what you can do about it in our blog.