We hope that you are putting your new money management skills to good use and are already feeling the benefit of how simple changes to your spending habits can really add up and help you to control any debt management issues.

Read below for the final 3 simple ways to save tips, and remember to share your money saving tips with readers by commenting on this post.

Simple Ways to Save: Tips 7-9

7: Bring your lunch to work: Buying your lunch every single week day can be an expensive habit, and you could find that you are spending £5 a day. This could add up to a staggering £1,300 – just think about how you could dent your debt with this amount or think about your house deposit.

simple ways to save - part 3

Buying in bulk from you local supermarket means that you can really save yourself some serious cash, and there is no reason why your home-made sandwich should not taste as good as the pre-packaged one from the shop. Whilst on that subject…

8: Become a Coupon Clipper: Another way to save money on your food shopping is begin to use coupons which can be found online, in magazines, newspapers or coming through your letter box.

It can be amazing how quickly 50p off an item can add up, especially if it is for an item which you always use. You may find the additional saving means that the name-brand goods are the same price as the supermarkets-own version.

9: Shop Smart: Another shopping tip to end this simple ways to save series. It is not all about what you buy, but also what you sell!

Take yourself down to the local car boot sales or check out many of the online auction sites. You will be surprised at how many people want to buy items which you have disregarded and have little use for.

Remember, that this is not a complete list about the simple ways to save money. There are so many different areas of your life where you have the potential to save money. Even if you are just making small savings, you will quickly realise that they all add up.