Did you check our all of our Part 1 in the One Advice Simple Ways to Save series? In part 2 you will learn another three simple ways to save your money, and there is also a part three to look forward to next week!

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Simple Ways to Save: Tips 4-6

4: Don’t Skip Breakfast: Not only are people who eat breakfast slimmer (according to a well know cereal brand), eating breakfast could also be saving pounds on your waistline as well as your pocket.

simple ways to save - part 2

Eating breakfast means that you won’t be tempted by a naughty and expensive treat later on in the day, such as the costly shop bought coffee or ready-prepared sandwiches. If you really do not have time for breakfast, then prepare a fruit salad the night before to snack on when you arrive at work.

5: Don’t Pay Extra to Access your Cash: You shouldn’t have to pay additional charges to access your own money, but the reality is that you may find there are times when you are asked to.

Make sure you avoid those ATMS which could charge you at least £1.50 on each withdrawal you make. Although £1.50 a time may not bother you, if you visit the same cash machine once a week, you could end up paying an additional £78 a year.

This is money wasted and you could put it towards paying off your debts.

6: Check your Direct Debits: Contact your bank or log onto your online banking account where you can see a complete list of your direct debits.

Arrange to cancel anyone of those that you don’t use, such as gym membership, magazine subscription or DVD rental service. Remember to speak with the company before you cancel your direct debit, as you may be tied into a contact.