We all know how important it is to think save money, it todays economic climate it makes sense to avoid debt and save your money. But with the cost of living rising all the time; what are the easiest and most effectively simple ways to save?

This is part 1, which will offer you 3 tips about Simple Ways to Save.

Check back next week for part two, which will offer you a wealth of additional money saving ideas.

Simple Ways to Save: Tips 1-3

1: Save Your Change: Remember the saying “look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”? This is so true, and is the perfect mantra to have if you are looking at saving cash and improving your debt management skills.

simple ways to save - part 1

Everytime you pay with cash, save your change. Dependant on your debt issues, you could use to either save the copper, silver or both! Keep this money in a separate jar at home and you will be surprised at how quickly these small sums of money add up!

2: Get your Water from the Tap: Bottled water is an expensive luxury, you could pop down to your local shop and spend £1 for 500ml. If you are looking for simple ways to save, your water habit should be the first one to go, especially as there is nothing wrong with tap water.

Buy yourself a plastic bottle and refill it from home. Remember to not reuse the plastic bottles that you bought your water in, as the toxins given off by the plastic through continuous reuse can be damaging to your health.

3: Enjoy Simple Saving: We all look forward to spending money, whether it be for an expensive meal, night out with friends or on the local High Street.

A simple way to save is to get yourself into a different mind set. It is time to get into the habit of looking forward to saving money. Start by putting a little aside each month and think about what you are saving for, such as a house deposit, new car or just for a rainy day.

What simple ways do you save money? If you want to share your tips, please comment below.