We all want our money to go further. One of the best ways of doing this is to change how we behave and where to shop. We’ve come up with a list of everyday shops you should consider switching from – to make your money go a little bit further.

Next to Primark

There’s no surprise that people get excited when the Next sales come around. That’s because the opportunity to buy quality clothing at a lower price appeals to pretty much everyone. But in most major towns you’ll find a Primark – sometimes referred to as ‘Primani’ (a comical reference to Armani).

You’ll not be disappointed with the range and quality on offer at Primark. There’s plenty to pick from and you’ll definitely save some money.

JD Sports to Sports Direct

If it’s for the gym or lounging around there’s no doubt that JD sports will have the threads and sporting equipment for your needs. But for cheaper alternatives, we’d highly recommend taking a trip through the doors of your local Sports Direct store. It’s worth making a visit as we think you will probably save a pound or two on selected items such as football kits. During February 2017, we found adult Manchester United, Arsenal and England kits at least £10 cheaper compared to JD’s website. You’re likely to find one on your local high street – or you could try their store locator.

Argos to Amazon

The beauty with Argos is that it has all the little and big things that you need around the house. That could be electricals, a washing line or something for the kids. While some of it can be reasonably priced you should always compare with Amazon as an alternative. There are apps for both and in some cases you don’t have to pay for delivery. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription you’ll get free delivery as well as access to their movie streaming service.

Big four supermarkets to Lidl and Aldi

It’s unfair just to pick out just one of the big four supermarkets here – so we’re including all of them.  We’re always banging the drum when it comes to shopping at Lidl and Aldi. Their prices are usually cheaper for everyday groceries and can normally save at least a few pounds on a weekly or fortnightly shop. Analysis by Nielsen, in February 2017, showed that a big shop at Aldi or Lidl would be £15 cheaper than the big four supermarkets. While you may not find many branded products there, you will definitely discover savings, without necessarily compromising taste.

Boots to Home Bargains

For male, female and children’s toiletries there’s no doubt that Boots will have most, if not everything that you need. With their Advantage Card promotions it rewards loyalty as well. The beauty with Home Bargains is that you can find some branded products, available in Boots, for less money.

We compared prices of three popular items on the relevant websites. Here’s what we found:

Boots Home Bargains Saving (as of Feb 2017)
Bio Oil 60ml £8.99 £4.99 £4
Vera Wang Princess 50ml EDT £25 £17.99 £7.01
Nivea sun moisturising sun 200ml SPF15 £8 £3.99 £4.01

While some premium products may not be available, there should be enough alternatives that you could choose and save money on.

Even though you’ll find products cheaper in some stores, remember to do your research. Most of the major chains will have a mobile app where you can compare prices on the go. But remember, it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.