Severn Trent Water is aiming to help customers tackle their monthly payments by encouraging them to take part in the WaterSure Scheme. Meaning more savings in the pockets of customers. Do you qualify?

You can save money on water bills regardless of your supplier

The WaterSure scheme is run by The Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT). This is also available in various parts of the UK through regional water suppliers and not just Severn Trent Water customers. So depending on your circumstances you too could be saving money as well.

To be eligible for the scheme you must be:

  • on a water meter 
  • receiving selected benefits or tax credits
  • either have three or more children under 19 years old, or with a medical condition requiring additional use of water

The WaterSure scheme primarily allows customers to have their bills capped. This is to make sure that those who take part in the scheme don’t cut back on how much water they use because of the associated costs.

More info on WaterSure.


Do I qualify for cheaper bills though WaterSure?

To find out if you are eligible For WaterSure, you should contact your water supplier. If you’re unsure who this is then follow the link below to find your local supplier