There have been some sensational acts that have graced the X factor stage such as Leona Lewis, James Arthur and Wagner. And let’s not forget about Honey G right now. While you may not have the superstar lifestyle, it doesn’t stop you from trying to save a pound or two while cheering on your favourite acts. Here’s our two minute guide on how you can save money if you’re an X factor fan.

Use the App to vote

Rather than paying to vote for your favourite act, you could download the app and do it for free. You get five votes that you can use for your favourite acts that don’t cost you a penny (other than any internet or data charges). This could save you money compared to voting by phone which normally costs around 35p, plus any network access charge, each time you vote.

Streaming music

With the app you can also stream songs from contestants on the show at no cost. So if you’re a fan of some of the acts and their tracks, you can listen for free on the app or even through spotify.

Use Wi-Fi at home

If you are using the app at home make sure you jump on to your Wi Fi connection rather than using your mobile data allowance – unless you’re on a good deal with your mobile provider.

Watch with the brightness down

We’ve said this before in our other money saving tech blogs. By turning the brightness down on your TV, you’ll save a little bit of cash. The same applies to your phone or if you’re watching the show on a phone or a tablet. The higher the brightness, the quicker your battery life disappears.  Most modern flatscreen TVs will have an energy saving or eco mode that can save cash. If you have an electricity smart meter you could even compare usage and cost between regular and energy saving viewing.

Get cheaper cost drinks and snacks

Nothing beats watching a spot of telly with a few light bites. If you’re the kind of viewer that enjoys a couple of snacks, when watching the X Factor, then head to Home Bargains for better priced branded wine and snacks. Alternatively you could also head to Aldi where the quality and cost of late night nibbles is second-to-none.

Watch it live with free tickets

Rather than watching the X Factor on TV, you could watch the show for free at the Fountain Studios in London – where the X factor is filmed. Tickets are available for FREE through the applause store website.