Cutting back on your spending can be hard, and you might find that you are constantly having to say ‘no’ to an evening out because everything costs money right? Wrong! Walletpop have put together a list of Fabulous Freebies meaning that you can clear your debts whilst still having a reasonable social life!

Here are a couple of their best suggestions:

1: Free Cinema Ticket – Orange mobile phone customers can enjoy two cinema tickets for the price of one every Wednesday at participating UK cinemas. All you have to do is text FILM to 241 from your Orange handset and you will be sent a unique code which allows you to take your friend to the cinema for free or you can agree to split the cost of the ticket.

If you’re not with Orange, you should think about signing up for a free pay-as-you-go SIM card as by topping up with a minimum of £5 credit, you can take part in the Orange Wednesday ticket offer. And £5 is often less than the price of a peak-time adult cinema ticket.

2: Free Food -The website is constantly updated with the latest offers, including where you can get free or discounted food. Many of the major restaurant chains are offering discount vouchers so it is always worth checking before you treat yourself to a meal.