Saving money is one thing. But wasting money is something that should be avoided completely. Here’s our two minute guide on the things you should think twice about spending money on, when heading off to the pub.

Fruit machines

Fruit machines are also known as ‘bandits’. This is because they are likely to rob you of all your cash. Even if you have a hunch that the machine hasn’t paid out for a while, it’s still a risk to chase the jackpot. The likelihood is that you will end up spending more and more until your cash runs out. And the person who gets on the machine after you will cash in. Avoid like the plague.

Quiz machines

The difference between playing a fruit machine and a quiz machine is that one is played with mostly luck, and the other is played using a small part of general knowledge. While it can be good to flex your brain muscles, the only problem you might have is not knowing all the answers. If you’ve managed to get halfway to winning some cash, the temptation to buy an extra life on the quiz machine dangles like a juicy carrot. Before you know it you’ve spent enough to buy another round of drinks.

Snacks that make you eat or drink more

Nothing goes better with a couple of drinks than a snack or two. The only issue you may face, is that eating salty or moreish snacks can then cause you to drink and eat more. Making you spend more money. Many snacks such as crisps or nuts also feature flavour enhancers (such as Monosodium glutamate, also known as e621) that can also make these snacks addictive.

Friends that don’t buy a round of drinks

If you’ve budgeted carefully and saved up some cash to go out, it’s likely that you’ll need to get at least one round of drinks. But then there’s always one person, in a group of friends, who accidentally leaves their wallet at home or makes an excuse not to buy a round…even though they have benefitted from everyone else. There’s no shame in saying you can’t afford a round…but steer clear of those that simply freeload at the expense of others.

The jukebox

A jukebox can provide the perfect soundtrack while you and your friends aren’t busy scrolling through facebook at the pub. But is it worth the money? If someone has already picked £5 worth of songs before you, it may take a while before you even get to hear them. And if it’s noisy, you’re not likely to enjoy it either. Alternatively, you could try talking to your friends?

Free Wi-Fi

Many discussions in the pub are settled by googling a topic or an answer to a question that causes an argument. Many pubs do offer free Wi-Fi which normally we would say is great money saving behaviour. But it does come at a cost. Some free Wi-Fi providers may require you to register your details before you can jump on to the Wi-Fi. After this ‘data capture’ of your details you may find your inbox being filled with spam or so-called promotional offers. And you’re spending more time sorting out your e-mails, and using more data, because you jumped on to the free Wi-Fi once.

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