We all want to get healthy and saving money whilst doing so seems like a great idea, as more Brits may seek debt advice as our disposable income falls and the cost of living rises. Health insurer Bupa have put together a range of tips which could reduce your debt by saving you up to £500 and offer you easy ways to become healthier.

1: Save £170 a month by stopping smoking – Cutting out cigarettes could reduce your risk of lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Within one month you could make a saving of £170 if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, which could add up to £2,040 over a year! This additional money could be put to good use to pay off your high interest debt or put towards your savings.

2: Save up to £150 by cycling to work – Bupa report that our daily activity has fallen dramatically and the amount of walking or cycling done has declined by 26%. Swapping your car for a bicycle or a pair of trainers could improve your health, reduce your risk of becoming obese and save you money on petrol.

3: Drink tap water and save £50 – Although you may feel as though you can’t live without your morning latte, it could really cause damage to your finances and your waistline! By swapping to tap water you could save £50 and a whopping 3,652 calories in just one month.

4: Save £10 a month by growing your own food – Eating just two home-grown apples a day could save you more than £10 a month. And there is no need for it to stop there, seeds are cheap to buy and can offer you fresh food which is a great way to get your five-a-day.

Dr Annabel Bentley, Bupa’s assistant director, said:“Gardening is a great way to get healthy, and if you grow a range of fruit and vegetables, you can not only save yourself pounds each month on groceries, but you can also look after your heart.

5: Skip the gym for the outdoors and save £80 – Although gym memberships are a great way to get healthy, they can leave a large hole in your pocket as they can set you back up to £80 a month. Instead, swap the treadmill for the pavement and outdoor exercise.