Food prices are constantly on the increase so, at times like these, it is even more important to get your food budget under control so that you don’t overspend. Below are some top tips on how you could save as much as 25% off your food costs:

1: Use Money Saving Coupons – There are numerous coupons both online and in your local newspaper which manufacturers publish in the hopes of obtaining a regular customer. Using these types of coupons regularly could really save your food budget and they can be found for a wide range of items, from fruit, freezer food to meats. You could save up to as much as 25% off the item, or even more if the item is already on sale.

2: Stock up on Buy One Get One Free staples – Keep an eye out for special offers on your staple items. Then buy them in bulk as much as your budget will allow. For example, if you always use the same washing powder which is £5 a box and it is on buy one get one free then you can get double the amount for the same price – bargain.

Note: These special offers are only a bargain if you use the product. Sometimes this buy one get one free offers are not suitable for fresh produce as they only have a limited best-before date and if you don’t use them you are just creating waste, and effectively throwing your money into the bin.