Brits are a nation of Saturday spenders, typically spending more than £549,000 on Saturdays alone during their lifetime.

Figures from the Co-operative bank survey shows that the average adult will spend approximately £175 on entertainment, clothes, food, drink and travelling just on this one day; leading many to turn to their credit cards to fund this extravagance.

Product manager, Maxine Xodo said: “As a nation we work some of the longest hours in Europe and many people live for the weekend, with Saturday being the one-day where people feel they can let their hair down and enjoy themselves.”

Research showed that shows were the biggest average cost at £25.55 and was followed by clothes, eating out, drink and food. This figures should be treated as a warning, that shoppers need to have a good grip over their finances. This way they can be sure that they can afford to treat themselves and avoid getting into unnecessary debt.

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