It’s Christmas day, or earlier if you’re really impatient. You’re about to unwrap presents from a friend or a loved one. While you’re hoping for keys to a Porsche, the reality may be painfully different. What do you do?

Whatever you get this Christmas, make sure you don’t give away what you’re actually thinking – by using a presentface. Unless or course it’s just what you always wanted.

Presentface – it’s the giveaway expression on your face when you get something that you may not want, need or like and it has the potential to cause embarrassment and awkwardness – so it’s best avoided.

There are six types of presentface. Here’s our advice to help you avoid them at all costs…with a sprinkling of irony and festive fun along the way.

I can sell this on ebay face

While you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you still have a few things to pay for in the next few weeks. As the wrapping comes off you can instantly smell the opportunity to turn this around by posting it on your ebay account. You nod approvingly and work out what the ebay fees will be from your gift listing. You start to feel like Alan Sugar when your PayPal account gets the funds…because you’re rolling in £33 cash from selling £50 worth of Superdry or WHSmith vouchers.

What you could say in return for your gift: “Brilliant gift – I shop there all the time”

I can re-gift this for someone else face

There are some occasions where you can benefit from getting something you actually didn’t want. In this instance it’s when you have a birthday round the corner that you haven’t prepared for or a person you’ve forgotten to buy for. As long as the person who receives the present doesn’t know how you got it, you’ll be in the clear. Re-gifting presents appears to be like having an affair – If you can hide the trail, can you can get away with it?

What you could say in return for your gift: “My friend has mentioned she wants this – very on trend”

Where is the gift receipt for this face?

It might be the wrong size, the wrong colour or even for the wrong species. Most shops in this day and age will offer a gift receipt on purchases. Some people will instantly tell you if the gift receipt is in the bag, but others might expect you to like it regardless – because it took three hours to find. If the receipt just happens to be in the bag, it’s up to you if you want to return it. Do you confess or proceed on the basis that you’ll never be found out?

What you could say in return for your gift: “I can’t wait to try it on”

My other half is going to kill me when they see this face

Often in relationships the other half has something to say about a gift, especially if what you’ve received is inappropriate because of what it is or who it’s from. So in the interests of not offending anyone, you end up stuck between a rock and a hard place. While you try to use charm to convince your other half that the gift you’ve received is of benefit, they instantly see through you.

What you could say in return for your gift: “Oh the other half will love this!”

What am I going to do with this face?

You’ve been dropping hints like Bridget Jones, but when the 25th of December comes, it seems that those hints have got lost like a pen when you’re on a phonecall. There’s no way you could re-sell it, re-gifting may be out of the question and you’re scratching your head because you simply don’t know what to do with it. It stands out like a sore thumb, and even the charity shops are likely to decline your generous offer.

What you could say in return: “It’ll go perfectly with my Ugg boots”

Did you not have a clue when you got this face?

This can also be confused with ‘did Google Maps not point you in the direction of the jewellers when you were buying this face’. In this scenario, assuming you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, all you can do is hug the other person – not out of love or thanks, but just so they don’t see the hurt and disappointment on your face. But hey, at least they got you something!

What you could say in return for your gift: “I really like the thought you’ve put in to my present”.