The new plastic tenner is now finally in banks, after its release on 14 September. And it won’t be long before it makes its way to ATMs and shops near you.

Getting your hands on your first new banknote is always exciting, as it looks different to the old tenners. But could it also be a money-maker for you?

With the release of any new banknote, collectors always clamour for special variations – and the plastic tenner is no different. We’ll take you through the new £10 notes that could earn you money, so you know what to look for.

Are collectors searching for your plastic tenner?

As always, the earliest versions of the plastic tenner are likely to bring in the most cash. To find how new your £10 note is, you need to look at the serial number. You’ll find this on the bottom-right of the side featuring novelist Jane Austen.

When the new fivers came out last year, collectors looked for notes with an AA01 serial. But this time, all AA01 plastic tenners have gone to a special charity auction – and the first note went to the Queen.

The earliest notes currently seem to be AH serial numbers, with collectors selling them on eBay for £30. You should look out for the lowest AH tenners, featuring AH01 serials. These are the ones likely to bring in the most cash.

Serial numbers starting with JA – Jane Austen’s initials – could also be attractive. According to note and coin collector blog Change Checker, JA75 and JA17 £10 notes will be the most popular. That’s because these represent her birth and death year respectively.

But as banknotes come out in serial number order, it could be a few years before JA tenners make it into circulation.

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Why we’ve got new £10 notes

All of the major banknotes in the UK are moving to new plastic versions eventually. The new fiver featuring Winston Churchill came out in September 2016 and of course, we’ve just had the new tenner. And in 2020, we’ll see a new plastic £20 note featuring artist JMW Turner.

The reason we’re getting all-new banknotes is to make them safer, so they’re harder to fake. The plastic tenner is now one of the most secure banknotes in the world, with special features to beat the counterfeiters.

Some of these features include a see-through window featuring a picture of the Queen, a quill at the side of the window which changes from purple to orange when tilted and a 3D and multi-coloured hologram of the coronation crown.

You can see all of the new security features and read more about the plastic tenner on the new £10 dedicated site.

Image source: © Bank of England [2017].