Latest research from Sky News reports that 32% of UK families are being forced to use their car less due to sky high fuel costs. The survey, over over two and a half thousand people, reported that over over half are cutting back on their general living expenses due to rising fuel costs.

increased petrol costs leave Britain running on empty

It has led many consumers to shop around to find the best deals on their petrol prices, such as using petrol price comparison websites before they fill up their tank. But it is not as easy to lose the car completely, as three quarters said that their car was vital and that getting public transport was not a viable option.

As cars as such an essential part of everyday life, such as commuting to work, it is no surprise that 88% said that they were either a little angry or very angry about the jump in petrol prices.

9 out of 10 believe that these prices increases are very unfair to the average consumer and that it was up to the Government to intervene. Over half of those surveyed were so angry that they would join in with a national protest such as a motorway go-slow convoy.