If you are paying your utility bills by cash then you might want to think again. A new study by price comparison site uSwitch.com has discovered that paying by direct debit could save consumers £75 million a year, and opting for online telephone billing could also save £162 million in charges!

A prime example of this is BT, who have recently introduced a £18 yearly charge for anyone who is settling their bills by cash, cheque, credit or debit card. Approximately 18% of BT customers are still choosing to pay by another method other than direct debit, which is bringing in an additional £52 million a year for the company.

Steve Weller, head of uSwitch communications services comments: “Some would argue that the additional charges imposed on customers not wishing to pay by direct debit are an unfair penalty. However some companies, such as Pipex and TalkTalk, do not even give customers the luxury of having a choice – it’s direct debit or direct debit.”