Many of us are being overcharged for their utilities, often without even knowing it! But with just a little bit of forward planning you could easily save money by avoiding extra charges that many companies seem to be adding to our debts, but these fees are avoidable.

See if you are being charged for any of the following…

Credit Card Debt

Annual Fees – Some credit cards carry an annual fee. Although this fee may also include a number of benefits, it is no good in paying for a service which you don’t use. You might find that you will be saving yourself some money by switching to a credit card which does not include an annual cost.

Using your Credit Card Abroad – Using your credit card on holiday can be very costly, as many credit card companies add on a surcharge to convert the foreign currencies. Plan your holiday expenses and pay with cash or travellers cheques to avoid this charge.

Late Payment Fees – Late payment fees, penalties and charges can soon increase your debt and earn the card providers lots of additional funds, over the interest rate that you are already paying for the service. Try to pay by direct debit so that you never miss a payment or mark on the calendar when your next credit card debt repayment is due.

credit card debt

TV Charges

Television Packages – Do you have the full satellite package that you never use, or you only watch a few select channels? You could make some real savings by lowering your monthly package and it won’t even make any difference to your viewing pleasure.

Landline/Mobile Phone Charges

Phone Call Services – Check your phone bill carefully to make sure that you are not being charged for any services which you don’t use, such as call diversion. Also searching online for a telephone number instead of calling Directory Enquiries can save you some additional cash too.

International Calling – Many of us have friends or family that live abroad who we like to keep in touch with on a regular basis. But calling abroad is expensive, even more so from your mobile. But there are online alternatives which let you dial out for free. And many online chat programs can enable voice chat and if you both have web cams you will be able to see each other too!

Monthly Mobile Phone Contracts – Monthly mobile phone contracts can be expensive, especially if you do not use them to their full potential each month. If you are at the end of your contract consider contact your mobile phone provider to see if they can offer you a better phone tariff or consider switching to a pay as you go sim where you will be more aware of how much you spend each month.