The Citizens Advice Bureau has reported that the number of people who have come to them for debt help has shot up over the past year. In fact, there was an increase of over 20% in the number of people who approached the service between July and September when compared to the same period last year. In those three months alone, they received 573,000 inquiries from individuals who were caught up in the spiral of mounting debt. It may not come as a surprise, due to the extent of the financial strife that has swept Britain over the “Credit Crunch” years but debt is now by far the most popular issue with service users. Since the recession started in earnest, around April of last year, they’ve dealt with over 3 million people’s debt problems.

It is essential to seek out debt help from a specialist as soon as you find yourself facing the pressure of mounting debt. The more quickly you react, the more debt solutions will be open to you. Also, the less severe these solutions will be. A popular area for debt help is advice on the best way to avoid bankruptcy. The implications of bankruptcy are serious and can include things like the loss of your home or other valuable assets. There are alternatives though. As everyone’s financial circumstances are different, there isn’t a one size fits all response to debt. The key benefit of specialist debt advice is a solution that’s tailored to suit your situation. As one of the longest established and most trusted financial institutions in the UK, Harrington Brooks are experts in the field.

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