We love reviewing cheaper own-brand alternatives with big brands to decide if we can taste the difference. This month we’re reviewing Aldi Fruit Split Pots against Muller Fruit Corner yogurts.


The yogurt in Aldi’s product tasted quite good but the Muller Yogurt seemed creamier. Once you tip the strawberry or peach compote in to the yogurt you can’t really tell much difference between the two. For the price you get a decent flavour without much compromise compared to a leading brand.


Both products are near identical when it comes to packaging. But we’d expect that between a branded and an own-brand product. Both can be re-cycled in your plastic bin with the lid going in the general waste. The Aldi yogurt is sturdy enough to be stacked in the fridge and also feels slightly bigger than the Muller version.


There is a big difference in price depending on when and where you shop. The normal rrp for a Muller Fruit Corner variety pack is between £2 to £3 according to mysupermarket.co.uk (May 2016).  You do find occasional offers for two Muller multipacks at £5 (or in that region). For the Aldi multipack it’s priced at around £1.55 for a six-pack. If you bought the Aldi Yogurts, at two multipacks a month over the course of a year, you could save at least £10 compared to paying £2 per Muller multipack.

Nutritional Info

The nutritional content for these is near identical between the two products.

Strawberry Yogurt

(per 100g)

Muller Aldi
Salt 0.16g 0.08g
Fat 3.8g 3.4g
Calories 117 115

For the Strawberry yogurt the Aldi version was lower in both salt and fat. Calorie wise there are just two more calories in every 100g.

Peach and Apricot

(per 100g)

Muller Aldi
Salt 0.16g 0.08g
Fat 3.8g 3.2g
Calories 111 98

Again the Aldi version was lower in salt, fat and calories compared to the Peach and Apricot Muller Corner.

The big advantage is that you pay a lower price and get slightly less fat, salt and calories in both Aldi flavours. Even small steps contribute towards progress.


We’d be happy eating the Aldi yogurt all day long. It stacks up as great alternative to an established product and tasted just as good. Switching to Aldi’s own brand yogurt won’t make much difference to what you taste in your mouth. Where you will see a difference is in your wallet – which is what matters most. From time to time you will see Muller yogurts on offer at the big four supermarkets. But until that happens we’d recommend making the switch if you haven’t already.

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