uSwitch has found that more than one in three (38 per cent) credit reports contain errors – equating to nearly 5 million consumers.

The price comparison website said that the mistakes could be wrongly contributing to millions of British consumers being refused credit or missing out on the best rates for financial products.

Other findings from the report included:

  • Most common errors include incorrect credit products or services listed (39%), the wrong address (23%) and the wrong name of the bank or company that provided credit (18%)
  • Of the 12 million who have been turned down for credit, 26% have turned to a payday lender and 21% to a pawn shop
  • Only 38% of those who were turned down were automatically told the exact reasons why by the lende
  • Over 15 million consumers have never even checked their credit report, with a fifth (20%) of these saying they didn’t know they had one or that they could check it


Following the findings, uSwitch launched, ‘It’s My Report’, a campaign with the backing of over 12,000 consumers, who are calling for a fairer approach to the way consumer credit reports are created and shared.

There are 3 main credit reporting agencies; Experian, Equifax and Credit Call. They provide factual information to lenders and other services providers about individuals. While the may have their own credit score for you, there is no universal credit score that determines your credit worthiness. In theory all three agencies should have the same information for you; but you would not know for sure without checking all three.

Check your credit report for free

Credit reporting agency Credit Call, under the brand name of offers a free service which shows your credit report – instantly. Payments and balances on all loans in your name are shown, which companies have made a credit check against you, plus other useful information.

You’ll need to enter your debit/credit card details, but this is just a security measure – no payment is taken. The information is not live as a new report is published once per month.

For more information on credit reports and what you can do to improve your credit rating; please see How to improve your credit score