30% of couples say most of the stress in their relationship is caused by finances, with 9% citing their children and just 4% blaming their in-laws, according to a survey by American Express. 45% of couples say that discussions on household finances result in arguments.

When asked who spends more outside of household expenditure, 40% of people believed their partner spent more, and the same number felt they were more diligent than their partner when it came to budgeting and saving money.

More than half of couples feel that they have made a mistake with money since being in a relationship, and would change the way they manage their cash if they could go back in time, including spending more responsibly and putting more into savings.

A massive 91% of people avoid talking about finances with their partner, with less than a third knowing how much debt they carry as a couple. 80% of couples share their debt with their partner, though this drops to 57% among young professionals.

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