As the nights draw in and days get colder your family and friends may start to stay indoors. With this in mind you begin to spend more time with TV’s, tablets and so on. So we’ve decided to highlight a few money saving tips on home entertainment.


Love music – stream it through Spotify

Rather than buying music you could stream it through Spotify. You can create playlists of what you want to hear and it’s available on mobile, laptop and smart TV devices. Though make sure you’re on a decent download or data contract as it will eat in to your allowance – unless you have an unlimited package of course.

A fan of classical music – try Composed

If you’re a fan of classical music then it’s definitely worth trying Composed. It works in a similar way to Spotify. The added bonus is that you can get a free trial, without having to submit any credit card details, to listen to the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Debussy. While it may not be everyday listening for some it’s definitely worth considering if you need a classical soundtrack around the house.

Use Netflix or Amazon Prime – for the free 30 day trial

On demand services have grown in popularity over the last few years. And it’s easy to see why. With a range of movies and TV shows to pick from, at a reasonable cost, you can easily find something to watch. Both services offer free trials which you need to cancel after the 1st month.

Turn your TV and tablet brightness down

With today’s electric appliances you’ll find an energy rating on them. Most modern flatscreens will feature an energy saving mode. If you’re watching your favourite TV shows with the brightness turned up you’ll use more energy compared to watching with the brightness turned down. In the same way you turn down the brightness on your mobile to conserve power it makes equal sense to apply this thinking to your TV.

Buy second hand DVD’s, watch them, then sell them on

There are plenty of stores in the UK such as Cash Generator and CEX which buy and sell second hand DVD’s. An easy way of saving money is to buy the DVD’s, watch them, then sell them on (through Ebay or any of the stores mentioned) to cover some of the costs you spent. If you’re ever unsure about what film to buy a handy tip to remember is the IMDB rule of six. If it’s scored less than a six by viewer ratings than steer clear.

Rent films from your local library

Your local library is a great resource for more than just books. Selected libraries also rent movies too. Some are free while others may charge – just don’t rack up any late fees.

Board games

A pastime which can last for hours but cost very little. You can pick up board games either brand new or second hand for a reasonable price. There are plenty to pick from which you can play over and over again. Most high street retailers will stock them. The only costs you’ll incur are the lighting and heating bills – which you already have to pay anyway.

Watch Sky TV on a pay as you go basis – with Now TV

If you’re spending money on a TV subscription with Sky or Virgin it’s always worth wondering if you’re getting value for money. Ask yourself if you watch the channels on a regular basis and if it’s worth £35 upwards for movies, sports and more. Now TV offer month passes to the movie channels from £9.99. This is handy if you don’t want to be tied in to a long term contract.

Work out your cost per game subscription

If you’re a football or sports fan consider this. Make a list of the fixtures that you want to see during the year.   Then divide your total yearly (or season) sports subscription costs by the number of games you want to watch. The figure you have left is the cost per game to watch.  If it’s under £6.99 a game then consider using Now TV’s Day pass to watch games.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As Now TV uses the internet you’ll need to make sure that you have a suitable download limit. Watching a movie or two hour stream in HD will use between 2-3GB of data. 

If you’re looking at reviewing your broadband or media packages then remember you can use our free Media Switching service which compares the market in just a few minutes.