As it was National Pet Month we’ve got a couple of handy paw size tips that will help you save money on your furry family members.

Research by Sainsbury’s Bank found that “on average dog owners spend £32.70 a month on food; £9.10 on treats and presents and £5.80 on grooming and walking, for example. The corresponding figures for cat owners are £27.20, 40p and £1.40 respectively.”

So anything that saves a pound or two on your pet bills should always help.



Save cash on expensive bedding – use old blankets and towels

Every pet basket isn’t a place to nap unless it’s got an old family towel, t-shirt or blanket in it that’s covered in fur. If you’ve been paying for new blankets or bedding then think again as this is a really simple way of saving money; though some of you may not need to worry about it, especially if your best friend sleeps on the bed.

Pet toys at charity and discount shops

Rather than buying a brand new toy for your pet, it’s worth taking a trip to your nearest charity shop or discount store to get one there instead. You could even re-purpose or recycle everyday items or toys to make something just as effective. For example, you could wrap a treat(s) in an empty cereal box, providing your pet with a “pass the parcel” like game to unravel. Or you could plait rope or knot an old t-shirt round a bottle or tennis ball for them to chase and chew. Remember that it may end up being savaged and chewed on a daily basis and that whatever you use should be safe for them to play with and potentially swallow.

Shred your old bills, newspapers and junk mail for bedding

OK so many workplaces dispose of paper and confidential documents in a safe way using a shredder service, but you could use your old bills, newspaper or junk mail instead, to provide bedding for a hamster, guinea pig or gerbil. From experience though, it’s worth mentioning to avoid paper that has tons of ink or toner on it, unless you want dirty footprints everywhere!

Cutting your dog’s nails – walk it more

If you find that you’re having to clip or trim your dog’s nails more than usual then it may be an idea to walk them more on harder, rough surfaces, meaning you don’t have to take as many trips to the vets or grooming parlour. Anyone who has tried to trim a dog’s nails will know that it can be like hitting a moving target, whilst moving, so save the struggle and keep the pounds in your pocket.

Shop around for pet insurance premiums

It can be beneficial to get pet insurance especially as you never know what your little loved one is going to get up to, be it breaking a leg or eating a Mars bar. If you pay a few pounds a month, it can help avoid you encountering one big, unexpected bill. When shopping for insurance or renewing your policy, always remember to shop around and challenge the quote. If you do it through a cashback site you can also save money too.

Should I vaccinate my pet?

Keeping your pet up to date with jabs and vaccinations will help keep them healthy. It will also save them any unnecessary distress and trips to the vet in the long run. This includes rabbits as well as cats and dogs. If your pet is older you should still vaccinate as immunity in animals can decrease with age. Some pet insurance policies do require you to keep up to date with vaccinations as part of the cover, so check this too.

Bulk buy dry pet food – longer shelf life

Dry pet food will keep for quite a while so it can make sense to buy in bulk, but only if it’s cost effective. If your dog has a penchant for eating just about anything then this may not apply. If you’re in to healthy eating selected fruit and veg are great for a dog’s diet. But we recommend If you’re in any doubt check out the RSPCA guides for cats, dogs or rabbits.