Spending money for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve got a list of money saving hacks that will let you let you enjoy all the frightening festivities without being scared to look at your bank account afterwards.

Charity shops for outfits

There are plenty of high street charity shops that you could visit for Halloween outfits. British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder Care and Oxfam are just some of the shops we can think of. But there are plenty of others you could choose. You could even get thrifty with a pair of scissors and turn second-hand clothing into zombie apparel to save money on Halloween.

Borrow your costumes

Seasonal costumes are only worth bothering with once every year. So it’s not worth spending loads of money on an outfit that will be put away after one day. A better way of saving money is to borrow a scary outfit. You won’t be spending as much and will still have some change left for Halloween treats. If you’re looking for Kids’ Halloween outfits then it’s always worth asking any parent-pals in case they have anything packed away from a previous year.

Make your own  fancy dress

You may need to be creative but you can make some simple costumes and accessories by using everyday items around the house. You could easily make a ‘scary skirt’ using a black bin bag, some glue, sellotape and paper.

Re-use decorations for Christmas

The festive season begins just four weeks after Halloween.  You could adapt or buy decorations that work for both occasions – making it even easier to save money! Turning your haunted house into Santa’s grotto is easier than you think. You can find some ideas on the Home and Hues website if you’re interested.

Feed trick or treaters with Home Bargains’ goodies

Most neighbourhoods are guaranteed to get a handful of trick or treaters. If you need a place to get cheap sweets from, then we highly recommend Home Bargains. Here you’ll find everything including marshmallows, Haribo and more for a better than reasonable price. The other option could be to bulk buy your treats to save money on Halloween. What you don’t use for Halloween you could use for Christmas or an up-and-coming birthday. Any seasonal products you find in the major supermarkets may cost more compared to discount shops such as Poundworld and Home Bargains.

Find nearby haunted locations

You’d be surprised with the amount of haunted places that are right on your doorstep. The Haunted Places website uses your location to list scary real life locations near to you. Some of which are free to visit. Would you dare to see what’s near you?