You may be getting back in to the game after a while or simply need some friendly advice for a first date. It can be a dilemma deciding on whether to splash the cash to impress and deal with the consequences later, or be sensible because … well that’s what you can afford.  Whatever you decide, here are some helpful, money saving tips for that all important date.


Who should pay for the meal?

If you’re going for a meal, make sure you decide who is going to pay and preferably, if you can, split the bill. There is nothing more awkward than leaving it to the end of the night. Did you see First Dates recently or watch the social media debate?!  Such as shame as they were getting on so well until “that” point.

Uber cab

If you need to get a taxi then consider using Uber. Uber taxis usually cost less than a black or private hire cab which will save you cash or enable you to order dessert. If you’re new to the service then you can get money off your first ride with an introductory offer too. Everything is run through an app on your phone and you can see ratings from previous customers, a picture of the driver, the car registration and how far away it is. It makes you feel like you’re in safe hands, especially as you can also track it’s progress, enabling you to stay safe inside or under cover until it arrives.

Find a cheap place to park

If you’re using the car you may need to pay to park. Do some homework and see if you could save money on parking the car with free street parking or otherwise. Areas in lots of major cities have reduced parking costs after around 6pm. Or leave a bit of extra time and park a little further away if it’s safe to do so.

You don’t need a new outfit for a first date

If you’ve never met this person before then you don’t need to buy a new outfit. Unless in between arranging the date and the night you’ve lost all your clothes. Try a charity shop in an upmarket area of town or accessorise your favourite outfit to make it feel new. Chances are you may be able to find something that could help you get that second date.

Offer to be a hair model and save money

This can be a risky one, but you’d have to be very unlucky to suffer at the hands of this tip. So you may need to get your hair done before a date. If you choose to get your hair done by a stylist in training then it will be considerably cheaper than a qualified stylist. Most trainee hairdressers are given guidance by an expert that’s present during the cut. The chances of coming out of the salon with a crazy head of hair are likely to be slim.

Use own brand hair and beauty products

Why not at least try substituting some of the branded products you use with cheaper own brand alternatives? Face masks and hair products can be expensive, but many own brand beauty products are manufactured by the same names. Using own brand shaving creams and moisturisers may not be as flashy but they work just as well. So don’t forget to have a look around the aisles and ask your mates if they can recommend money saving products.

And just in case you need some pointers…

Conversation topics aside from the usual stuff about jobs, music tastes and where they live…

  • Food; everyone likes to relive their fav meal or drink
  • Pets; most of us are a sucker for a cute or lovable pet
  • TV shows or movies you enjoy – but don’t give away the storyline
  • Travel; near or far, why not share your best travel destinations
  • Good Samaritan? Ask if they do charity or volunteer work, especially if you do too
  • What do your friends say about you and why?
  • Do they have a nick name?

In any conversation, use a follow up question to help avoid any dreaded silences e.g. Would you have done that differently when you were younger? Do you still find time to do that? Are you still as passionate about it as you first were?

Things to steer clear of

  • Any overtly personal questions – such as “how much do you earn or how old are you?”
  • Any ex partners or sorry love storiesyou’ll sound like an Adele or Taylor Swift song if you’re not careful
  • The weatherit’s a sign of desperation and usually signals that you’ve run out of things to say.