Whether you’re a wannabe fashionista, a lady of leisure or a party girl, we’ve got some useful, pretty beauty tips from our staff that might save you a pound or two. In fact we’ve collected so many tips that this is just part one of a two part blog!

Old Mascara

Add a few drops of Saline solution to clumpy mascara to make it apply like new. Just add a couple of drops, swirl around and before you know it your eyelashes will look beautiful again. But remember that most mascara products should be discarded after three months to prevent the risk of an eye infection.

Smell sweeter for longer

When you get a set with perfume, body wash and lotion, don’t discard any of it. When used together they can help the scent of the fragrance last longer. Think of a body scrub or lotion as a foundation when using it with a fragrance. This way you won’t need to use as much and you’ll smell sweeter for longer.

Always ask for samples

Whenever shopping at a perfume shop or otherwise always ask for samples, they can be useful, even if it’s just kept in your bag for an emergency … which happens to require the use of a perfume or otherwise. You never know!

Talk to a dermatologist or in store guru

Make an appointment, see what works and investigate what helps your skin breathe as well. It may be that they can recommend a cheaper alternative to what you’re currently using. There are new ranges being released all the time so it makes sense to take a trip at least once a year. This will make sure you’re using the right and potentially cheaper products as part of your beauty regime.

Be a hair model

Many salons need to train their young aspiring Nikki Clarke’s in how to cut and style hair. As a model you could get salon hair for free or a fraction of the price. Most salons that offer this will normally have a lead stylist overseeing the work. So it’s unlikely that you’d end up looking like an extra from a Lady Gaga video.

Always take your makeup off

I’ve always been told not to use wipes as they can be abrasive. Buy good old cotton wool and a regular, non-expensive cleanser and eye makeup remover brand. Nothing fancy is required.

Suncream isn’t just for the summer

Selected suncreams are also enriched with moisturiser such as Boots Soltan. If you’re buying this during the summer you could also use it as a moisturiser during the cooler months, so you can still use it when the sun isn’t shining.  Better that than let it go out of date and waste good money.

Use a facemask once in a while

And you don’t need to get them from the mega expensive cosmetic brand counter at Boots. Stores like Superdrug do some decent mudpacks which do the job without denting your wallet.

A little bit goes a long way

When applying hair products, in fact this applies to most products, you don’t need a whole palm of shampoo or conditioner. Whilst you may need to work it through your hair just use two coin sized amounts as a guide. This should be enough to keep your hair in good condition.

Want more money saving beauty ideas? Then read part 2 of our blog.