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New £1 coin for 2017

New £1 coin: Could you have £250 in your pocket?

The new £1 coin went into circulation on 28 March 2017, bringing an end to the beloved round... Read More

Cineworld Unlimited and Odeon Limitless cinema membership

Cineworld Unlimited or Odeon Limitless – which is better value?

If you’re a movie buff, you probably spend a fair bit of money at the cinema. But have... Read More

Save money and get cheaper energy bills

Save £100s on your energy bills in minutes

When did you last switch your energy bills? This year, last year? Or can you even remember doing... Read More

Confused man looking for answers

Credit score myth: Is there a credit blacklist?

We’ve all heard about it – the so-called credit blacklist. If you find yourself on this – so... Read More

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky - Which saves money?

Is Amazon Prime worth the money?

There are many online services that we use for everyday life, one of which is Amazon Prime. But... Read More

Save money older

Do you save money as you get older?

With age comes responsibility, wisdom and more bills. But getting older doesn’t need to cost more money. Surely... Read More

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