Dealing with debt can be a challenge. It’s easy to feel stressed by debt and that there’s nowhere to turn. And if you’re also dealing with mental health problems, this can make things even more difficult.

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 (8 – 14 May), we’re taking the opportunity to let you know you’re not alone with your debts. There’s always someone you can speak to for advice and support, and a solution that can help.

If you’re finding things more challenging for any reason, you’ll need that extra level of support. Here’s how our Specialist Support Unit at Harrington Brooks helps those with mental health problems in debt.

Our Specialist Support Unit

As a responsible business, we always want to do the right thing for all our customers. That means giving them the level of help and advice they need to manage their debts and get back to financial stability. But we know that some customers are more vulnerable than others and need handling differently.

That’s where our Specialist Support Unit comes in. If a customer speaks to anyone on the phone and they identify them as vulnerable, they’ll ask the Specialist Support Unit to help them. That’s because they’re best equipped to deal with sensitive issues and difficult situations. And they’ve had dedicated training to support them with this too – we’ll take you through how this works below.

We’re talking specifically about mental health issues as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – but these aren’t the only things we class as vulnerabilities. Physical health problems or illnesses can also mean that a customer is more vulnerable, as well as a tough time at home.

In fact, there’s a huge variety of different sets of circumstances our Specialist Support Unit support. Every customer is different and our advisors always take the time to go through their individual situation. They’re multi-skilled so vulnerable customers can always deal with them, whatever they’re ringing for. This means we can ensure stability for these customers and make their journey through our service as smooth as possible.

Specialist Support Unit training

When we set up the Specialist Support Unit, we gave them extra training directly tailored for vulnerable customers. We did this so they’d be equipped to deal with any issues they experienced and so they could provide the best possible customer service.

We also spoke to several customer and creditor experts when we were putting together this training plan. These included creditors such as Barclaycard, Shop Direct and charities such as Samaritans and Mind. This ensured we covered all bases and including everything we needed to into our training.

If you’re a Harrington Brooks customer and you’re struggling with mental health issues or any other vulnerability, get in touch. We can sensitively discuss the problems you’re having and look at how this affects your financial circumstances. We’ll also be able to see what extra support we need to provide to enable you to use our services.

Remember, you don’t have to deal your problems alone – there are people who can help.