Women are more likely to sit back and let their man take charge of finance and organising debt when moving home. Research from Halifax Estate Agents shows that 48% of men in a relationship will typically take financial control, compared to 34% of women.

But most couples are equal when it comes to decisions to move home, as 65% of UK co-habiting adults will make a joint decision when deciding to sell or move, whether buying a new home together or renting a property. Yet only 36% of couples are equal when sharing the responsibility of their finances. Joint decisions tend to decrease with age, 72% of 16–24 year olds prefer to make a joint decisions, compared with just 58% of over 65s.

Gordon Edwards, managing director, Halifax Estate Agents, said: “Buying a house is the biggest purchase most of us are likely to make. If you are deciding to sell your home, purchase a new property or sorting the finances for a move, it’s important to involve your partner in the decision-making process.”