If you’re looking to make a few extra quid each month, one way you can do this is by signing up to online surveys sites. By doing surveys online or joining virtual focus groups, you can earn money and even get free products to test.

But how much can you really earn just by spending a few minutes answering some questions? We’ll take you through the best online survey sites and what you can get from each one.

The best online surveys sites

Online survey sites work because companies want to get your opinion on various things. This might include new or existing products or maybe just your views on a particular TV show. Companies can then use your answers to help them when they’re creating new products or programmes.

All of the sites give you different things when you complete surveys – you can earn points or some give you real cash. Others send you products to test out for free and ask you to give them a quick review.

  1. i-Say: You earn points for each survey you take and this can be between 5 and 250 points. You need to rack up 1,380 to get a £10 voucher and surveys usually take 15 minutes on average. The site generally gives users around four surveys a month.
  2. Toluna: This site gives you surveys to complete and you’ll earn points for these. When you reach 60,000 points, you can start cashing them in for rewards. It also lets you apply for product testing trials to get freebies. You’ll then have to submit a short review of this.
  3. Tesco Home Panels: Get free trial products from Tesco – from clothing and toiletries to food and school uniform. You’ll need a Tesco Clubcard to apply for Tesco Home Panels, and then you’ll fill in surveys to find out which product trials you’re suitable for. And not only will you get free products to review, you can also build up points to claim a £10 Bonusbond voucher.
  4. YouGov: Some online surveys can be unreliable and won’t send you anything for months. YouGov isn’t like that – the survey links you’ll get are pretty regular and quick to complete. However, you only get a £50 voucher when you reach 5,000 points and the average survey only gives you 50 points.
  5. Swagbucks: Earn points by completing daily surveys, watching videos or searching via the site. Once you’ve got enough points you can spend them for prizes in the Rewards Store. For example, spend 849 points to nab a £5 Amazon voucher.

Is it worth your time?

So are online surveys really worth it? As you can see from the sites above, you won’t be able to make a lot of money from them. It’s just a way to add a few extra quid to your income every month – you won’t be able to get rich doing them.

However, online survey sites can be a quick and easy way to make regular cash. And as long as you just see them as a way to boost your income, they’re definitely worth spending a bit of time on.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you should always withdraw any money from online survey sites or cash in vouchers as soon as you can. If you leave your cash in your website account, you might not be able to get this back.

Make sure you also check how the survey site will use your data. Some online surveys sites are scams and will sign you up to marketing emails and calls. Just check out online reviews for any survey site before you join to be on the safe side.