Valentine’s day is just around the corner. We’ve come up with five low cost Valentine’s day ideas that are fun and quick to organise, especially if you’ve left it to the last minute.

Love hearts

A poem, an ideal use of time if you like to rhyme

What you’ll need – a spare photo frame, sheet of paper to fit in your frame and a pen/ pencil.

First you’ll need to jot down a handwritten poem about your loved one on a sheet of paper. About 10 or 12 lines should be fine unless you have more to say. Once you’ve written it pop it in to a photo frame, make sure it looks ok, and you’re done!


A personalised mix CD, for the geeks

What you’ll need – A computer, blank CD and smartphone.

To begin pick a list of 10 love songs that would be nice for your other half to listen to. If you’ve not already got them on your computer you’ll need to buy them or transfer them from CD. Then for the personalised bit. Record a short message for them using your smartphone, and a voice recording app, and transfer this to your computer. All that’s left to do is burn the songs and your message to disc. For further brownie points you could present it in a case with a picture!


Indoor Champagne picnic, the food option

What you’ll need – A blanket, living room floor, bottle of Champagne, Paper plates, champagne glasses and nibbles of your choice.

Everybody loves a picnic. But a picnic in February isn’t a good idea. The other option is to bring your picnic indoors. Lay out the blanket in your front room. Then add your nibbles, along with champagne, and for added picnic effect dine on paper plates. The sun might not be out but you can always put the fire on to make it warm and cosy. The indoor picnic is better done as a surprise so consider getting home before your loved one does for a great Valentine’s treat.


The Valentine’s quiz, the mastermind option, great if you’re competitive

What you’ll need – A sheet of A4, a pen and some prizes such as chocolate, wine or a month’s worth of back rubs.

Think of 20-30 questions about your relationship or things that you both know about each other. You may need about 30 minutes to have a think. Assuming you’ve left this to the last minute you’ll need to think of some ‘prizes’ that you can quickly get hold of – chocolate, wine or the promise of back rubs for a month are options. Once you’ve written your questions down think of how you want to award your prizes. For example – get all the questions correct and we’ll go out for dinner. Get most of them right and you get back rubs. Get a few right and you’ll get wine and chocolates just for turning up. Once you’ve got your prizes and questions ready invite your other half to your Valentine’s quiz. Be set for a night of fun and possible arguments if your questions are wrong!  


The public display of affection, on social media

What you’ll need – A poem, kind words and a Facebook account.

In the event you have no time or cash then a message to your other half on social media may help salvage Valentine’s day for you. If you are going to post something then make it creative, like a poem as mentioned before, and make it nice. Anyone can say I love you on somebody’s Facebook wall, but to do it with a twist will get you a little more credit.