We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Otten Penna to offer help and advice to their clients who are struggling with debt.

Otten Penna are a solicitors firm in Northenden, South Manchester. They are experts in family law and deal with cases of divorce, family break-up and adoption, to name just a few of their areas of expertise.

Please note: This won’t affect you if you have a DMP or an IVA with Harrington Brooks – there’s nothing to worry about in terms of your debt solution. We just want to let customers know because we are proud of what we are doing in our local community as a Responsible Business.

So, who is Otten Penna and why have we teamed up with them?

Who are Otten Penna?

Established in 1988, Otten Penna specialise in family law, mental health, wills and LPA, prenuptial agreements and domestic abuse. That means they have to deal with a lot of sensitive legal cases where emotions run high. They work to ensure that everyone gets the best outcome from any situation and that all parties find a resolution.

We’re now working with Otten Penna. They wanted to add value to the service they provide by signposting any clients with debt issues towards a debt management company. And thanks to our work throughout the local community and our stellar reviews on Trustpilot, they were really impressed with what we do.

One of the main reasons we’re working with Otten Penna specifically is because they treat vulnerable clients in a very similar way to us. They have a specialist team to help those who need that little bit of extra support.

This works just like our Specialist Support Unit. They deal with all vulnerable customers sensitively to do what’s right for them. And as this week is Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May), it’s the perfect time to make sure we’re doing the right thing for our customers.

They also tie closely to our work as a Responsible Business. As part of our commitment to being responsible, we support the local economy and community – something that Otten Penna also strives towards.

Will this affect me?

This relationship won’t affect you directly if you’re an existing customer. We won’t be starting to offer you legal advice via Otten Penna. We already provide legal services through OpenDoor if you’re looking to claim back PPI or packaged bank account mis-selling compensation, or for legal action such as CCJs or bailiffs – and we will continue to do this.

All it means is that we’ll start to support any of Otten Penna’s clients who feel they need help dealing with their debts. And as we have a strong focus on dealing with vulnerable customers appropriately, we’ll be best placed to offer advice to Otten Penna’s clients who might need some extra help.