The global credit crunch has has a great impact in the way that we spend our money, and it has even changed what we are searching for. Which? have reported Google statistics showing that more Brits are searching for credit crunch terms such as vouchers, budget meals and sewing classes in order to help their debt management skills.

It seems that more of us are looking reduce holiday debt, as there has been a decrease in city break searches by 20% and homes in Spain by 28%.

Although perhaps one good thing about this economic downturn is that more of us are actively searching for ways to keep our savings secure. Which? report that an increasing number of us are wanting to keep better grip on our savings, as the search for safe savings is up by 900%, compared to 2007.

Elan Dekel, product manager at Google, said: “This is a fascinating snapshot into how Britons are reacting to the current economic situation.”