Does Netflix save you money? As long as you’re using it and not just paying the subscription service costs, it CAN save money because:

  1. You save time and money
  2. It’s cheaper than Sky Movies
  3. You can avoid pester power as you don’t get adverts aimed at kids
  4. You could split the cost of subscription

Here’s more why Netflix can save you and your family money, and be a source of great entertainment.

You save time and money

If you were to watch 20 episodes of your favourite show, which lasts half an hour, with a three minute ad break you would end up watching an extra hour of television (this doesn’t account for the adverts before the show).

Did you know that the average cost to power a television per hour is between 2-3p. It may not seem that much, but if you end up watching 50 hours of adverts over the space of a few months this would cost £1.50. And you could save even more by doing this if you watch on a tablet or phone.

It’s cheaper than Sky Movies

If you‘ve got Virgin or Sky then you’ll know how expensive it can be to subscribe to the movie channel each month. Using the regular price of £37 per month as a starting point (based on the Sky website as of Dec 2015), a typical half price deal would be £18.50 per month.

Over a year, this works out as £222 per year for sky movies but Netflix is £6.99 a month from 2016 so the cost over a year is £83.88. That’s a saving of £138.

Avoid pester power

The beauty of Netflix and on demand services is that they avoid the hassle of having to plough through a number of adverts. If you have a child that watches kids TV you’ll see an endless stream of adverts for toys, gadgets and the latest must haves. Before you know it, it’s likely that there’ll be at least one item which your little angel will ask for.

As Netflix currently streams shows such as Peppa Pig, PAW Patrol and Pokemon you don’t need to worry about their exposure to adverts, also helping to avoid that dreaded question, “Can I have one of those?”

Split the cost of the subscription

Netflix, unlike Sky Movies, lets two people access movies simultaneously on a TV device in two different locations (although membership is normally sold on an individual household basis). So with this in mind you could make further savings and split your subscription costs in half.